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Phobia Therapy


Do you have a phobia that's taking over your life? 

Maybe you can't visit certain places anymore, wear buttons, go in the shed in case there are spiders?

Whatever your fear, I can help you to overcome it.

This discounted block booking allows you up to 4 hypnotherapy sessions, which is usually more than enough to get you back to living a normal life.

Pay online and I'll call you to book in.

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£ 240.00 tax incl.

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Most people have a fear of something.  All humans are born with 2 fears, loud noises and falling.  When we grow up, we learn to fear other things.  Sometimes this can be from observing an adult's reaction to a situation when we are young or can be for many other reasons. Fear is a healthy and helpful emotion because it is designed to keep us safe.

Unfortunately, for some people, these fears can start to grow into something very unhelpful.  This is what we call a phobia.  It starts to interfere with your normal day to day life.  Maybe you avoid going to certain places or social situations.  Perhaps you scream and run away at the first hint of a spider or a bee?  It could really be anything.  The thing to remember is that this is learned behaviour and we can UNLEARN it!

Using the power of hypnosis, I can help you to overcome your fear in as little as three sessions.  As everyone is different, I allow for 4 sessions in this discounted block booking, just in case you need a little more help.  You can use this as part of your programme of sessions or it can be used as a booster session later on in the year if you prefer.  I'm flexible as to how you wish to redeem it, there are no extra charges for booking it later even if my base prices go up.  Once you've bought it, its yours!

PURCHASE ONLINE NOW and I will call you back asap to book your first appointment.